Our people are our most valuable assets and the driving force behind our success. We invest in attracting experienced professionals as well as bright new talents with innovative ideas. We apply modern work practices and give our people the opportunity to participate in projects implemented by large companies and organizations operating in an international environment.

We carefully select our people, train and guide them in a spirit of cooperation and confidence, so as to create trust about the company, while offering at the same time an attractive workplace.
With our high value professionals, we manage to meet our clients’ needs and go beyond their expectations. We achieve our goals by offering quality and innovative services and by helping our clients and partners achieve their business objectives.

«We are currently practicing and maintain skillsets for the following competencies:

a. Project Management
b. IT Strategy & Consulting
c. Development (.NET, Java, Angular, JS, SQL, other on request)
d. Business Analysis (Banking, Loans, Collections)
e. Testing (Planning, Coordination, Execution)
f. Web Sites Content Management
g. IT Operations (DevOps, batch processes, systems/infrastructure monitoring)»

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