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Infonet Arotron
In cooperation with Prognosys Solutions, Infonet is offering the 4th generation of the Financial Reporter Compliance Suite (FRCS) for financial institutions to the Greek market. Our partnership with Prognosys is built on a common long-term experience in both the Financial Services and consulting sectors. With our client-centric approach, we guide financial institutions towards a simpler (but not simplistic) future of financial reporting to Regulatory Authorities.

The Financial Reporter Compliance Suite simplifies the Regulatory Reporting process in a complete and automated solution, with an intuitive interface.
FRCS is the first ready to use integrated platform for Regulatory Reporting and is already used by no less than 70 financial institutions and investment firms in Europe.

FRCS meets and exceeds all companies’ needs in Regulatory Reporting on a national, European and global level. It also provides systems configuration & tailored-made solutions for all companies’ business requirements. The suite is being constantly developed so as to offer proactive and professional solutions to our clients, in the constantly changing regulatory environment.

XBLR - Infonet

Last but not least, FRCS is natively producing the reports using the XBRL format and has received XBLR International Certification, which cements its place as a worldwide level reporting tool.

Infonet Arotron

AroTRON™, offered by Relational SA, is the most comprehensive solution for streamlined, customer-centric collections management, covering all stages of the customer lifecycle.

AroTRON™ makes full use of advanced productivity features, such as the Decision Engine module, management dashboards, and MIS reporting, along with unified automated communication through automated dialing, SMS, e-mail, and chat box.

Our teaming up with Relational SA serves the implementation, deployment and operational support of AroTRON™ for our clients.

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